With the aim of promoting trade and expanding comprehensive network of partnerships in Asean, Siamp showcased its products at the 18th IndoBuildTech 2019 from the date of 21st to 25th Aug, held in Jakarta, Indonesia. When it comes to appear first at IndoBuildTech, Siamp presented the latest products with the state-of-art technology intergration, and innovative features following the conformity of Water-saving, Environmentally-friendliness.

IndoBuildTech 2019 in Jakarta, Indonesia was officially opened in the morning of August 21st, 2019 at the Jakarta Convention Center (JCC).

The ribbon-cutting at IndoBuildTech Jakarta 2019 - 2nd Phase


IndoBuildTech is an Asean’s largest exhibition series in the building material and interior industry, held twice a year in Jakarta and some of the big cities in Indonesia; attracted a numerous multi-national companies. IndoBuildTech considers as an important destination, a bridge connecting Indonesian and international businesses, allows them to meet, exchange views on business cooperation, trade promotion. Also, it is an useful information resources for the entry into the Indonesian market. In the exhibition, a numerous of product categorized in many different types of Building materials, Energy-saving technologies, Cleansing & Purification technologies, Interior & Exterior design solutions and so on…

Siamp’s booth with impressive design


Siamp’s booth at IndoBuildTech 2019 was located at the ideal corner with its unique 2-sided design, brilliant product display; warmly welcomed many visitors in everyday during the exhibition.

Customers was interested in Siamp’s products at IndoBuildTech


Coming up as the continuation of the same fair serie that was successfully organized in this March, IndoBuilTech – 2nd phase presented over hundred booths of Indonesian and international organizations, was expected to welcome thousands of visitors everyday. It seems likely that Siamp’s commercial broadcasting at this IndoBuildTech not only offers the good occasion to make a big splash for Siamp brand recognition in Indonesian market, but also opens the new opportunities to expand trade promotion, create co-operative-and-networking relationship between Siamp and other businesses in this key target market.

Fill & Flush valves showcased in the exhibition


Presented at IndoBuildTech, Siamp brought a divine, classy display space with its products including: Fill & Flush valves with high tech models, certified by the credible international certification, designed compactly, multi-functionally to guarantee the efficiency of operation in any of water environment, for instance: Fill valves specified for dirty water, operating properly in low or high pressure; Flush valves for one-piece toilets and close-coupled toilets, with single flush and water-saving dual flush. Another outstanding features such as “Anti-backflow”, “Anti-leaking” or “Open-delayed” action were also introduced at this exhibition.

Wall frame Siamp brand took attention of vistors


When it comes to debut Siamp’s Wall frame for various kinds of wall-hung toilets in Indonesian market, customers expressed their appreciation in its decent designs, eye-catching models, and the adaptability of critical technologies as well as quality parameters. IndoBuildTech 2019 is a chance for Siamp to look for new partners, have comprehensive knowledge of market access condition, gradually assert itself – Siamp position in Indonesian market in the coming years.

Representative sale team at IndoBuildTech 2019


In the recent years, Indonesia has shown substantial growth in construction sector as a result of increasing government expenses, rising investment capitals by the domestic and foreign companies spending on large infrastructural projects. Being determined as one of the potential target markets for years, Siamp has engaged with many multi-dimension cooperative solutions, trade promotion strategies, partnership management plans in order to expand the market, implement sucessfully advertising campaign to many countries in the region.

It can be said that the participation at IndoBuildTech 2019 is an effective step of Siamp in the strategic plans of its scope and influence expansion in the international arena.