(31 1950 10)
  • Very low voltage power supply (using transformer)
  • Single flush actuation plate 
  • Made from aluminium alloy matt chrome finish
  • Including a automatic infra-red actuation with a servomotor flush valve actuation, supplied with a manual button flush and a vandal resistant system. 2-year guarantee. 
  • Dimensions height 180 mm, width 200 mm and depth 11 mm. 
  • Delivered with wall fixing frame, 2 fixing screws, 1 actuation screw, 1 base supporting the servomotor, 1 cable transformer, 1 case flush IP54, 1 protective tube and 1 vandal resistantheadless screw M4x12. Necessary spanner.


Modern and smart design
Made from aluminium alloy
Matt chrome finish
Automatic pan flushing
User does not need to touch buttons, which prevents bacteria, mould and fungi transmission
Vandal resistant
Single flush
Automatic infra-red actuation:
- senses user presence after 12 seconds
- infra-red beam reaches a distance of 60 cm and has a 22° radius from sensor
- flushes once user has left
- servomotor flush valve actuation
- very low voltage power supply (using transformer)
Failure function:
- Flush can be performed with manual button
- Actuation force below 20 Newton
Smooth actuating screws to avoid operating noise
Hand cuttable fixing and actuation screws for adapting length to cladding
Flush plate serves as an access point for reaching the cistern equipment
Cladding thickness between 16 and 100 mm